Dow Corning Bankruptcy Settlement


Volume 13, No. 4, May 19, 2016

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It is with great, great sadness that we pass along news of the passing of Ralph Knowles, our friend and colleague, a fierce civil rights advocate, and a champion for women with implants for the last 30 years. Ralph and CAC member, Ernest Hornsby, tried one of the first breast implant cases to victory in Alabama in 1991, Toole v. Baxter. He was an outstanding trial lawyer and strategist, a natural leader and charismatic individual to whom others looked to for guidance. He was appointed co-chair of the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee in MDL-926 by Judge Sam Pointer in 1992 where he led the PSC in seeking documents and depositions that were pivotal to the national multi-district proceedings. He was also a principal negotiator of the original global settlement and remained active in overseeing the fair implementation of the Revised Settlement Program.  In 1995, bankruptcy magistrate Spector appointed Ralph to the Tort Claimants' Committee in the Dow Corning bankruptcy where he successfully negotiated a Joint Plan of Reorganization. His primary goal was always on protecting the rights of implant claimants and seeking justice on their behalf. He will be dearly missed and remembered.

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Please mark your calendar with the following claim submission deadline. Please note that this deadline means that your claim forms and materials must be received by the SF-DCT by the posted deadline. Please mail all forms early enough so that they are received by the deadline listed below.


Deadline Date

Type of Deadline

June 3, 2019

Disease or Expedited Release Claim submission deadline for all claims in Classes 5, 6.1 and 6.2 (this deadline does NOT apply to Late Claimants)

Increased Severity claims in Disease Option 1 and Disease Option 2 for all approved disease claims in Classes 5, 6.1, and 6.2.


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