Volume 7, No. 10, December 17, 2010

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6th Circuit Issues Order on Issues of Tissue Expanders and Disability A



Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals issued an order vacating the District Court's ruling that tissue expanders are "Breast Implants" as that term is defined in the Dow Corning Settlement Plan. The 6th Circuit Court ruled that the meaning of "Breast Implant" was ambiguous and, absent extrinsic evidence about this provision, it could not affirm the District Court's interpretation. It therefore directed the District Court to consider the "relevant extrinsic evidence" and stated that, "Once it does so, we expect to defer to its decision."


On the issue of Disability A and the standard of "vocation or self-care," the Court ruled that according to the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language 1298, "Dow Corning's reading of this provision is correct." It reversed the District Court's decision. This means that the Sixth Circuit ruled that the standard to apply for a Disability A claim is that a claimant must be 100% disabled in both "vocation and self-care."


The CAC is deeply disappointed with the ruling on the Disability A decision, and we are considering our options for going forward.


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